Schooling at the Speed of Thought

Schooling at the Speed of Thought cover

My new book is published at last. Here’s the description…

“Globally $2.4trn is spent on education every year. Yet the effectiveness of schooling systems may be as low as 7% in some countries. Whilst the sheer scale of the money being wasted every day on out-dated schooling is hard to imagine, leave alone quantify accurately, the bottom-line is that schooling needs to change significantly. Taking a global perspective, Mike Lloyd shows how schooling systems can be brought forward, out of the industrial era. By unravelling the complexities of schooling systems and proposing practical steps, Schooling at the Speed of Thought explains how we can propagate and scale innovation for the benefit of all stakeholders. Designed to help schooling decision makers plan more effective, efficient and inspiring systems, the book includes first-hand accounts from leading edge practices. Based on approaches developed from direct involvement with Ministries of Education each chapter takes the reader through a practical journey to arrive at a realistic and achievable vision for modernised schooling.”

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