Spotlight on Malaysia

The Malaysian “Smart School” concept, launched in 1999, aims help transform Malaysia’s economic activities from being based on natural resources to knowledge. It started with a pilot program involving 88 schools, building up technology infrastructure and training teachers. It is currently in the fourth stage of the roadmap (2010-2020) where technology becomes an integral part of  learning process with strong focus on outcome driven activities.

A lot of development have also taken place at the administrative level. For example – Educational Management Information System and Examination System

For further insights visit:

MDeC Smart School Department – The facilitator and coordinator in the development of Malaysian Smart School.

EduWEB TV – The official web TV of Ministry of Education Malaysia – also a place for short video lessons that can be used  in the classroom.

ICONedu  – A grant scheme aimed to produce local content targeted at putting educational projects and content online.

Cikgu.Net – A teacher-centric community portal used for collaborative discussions and exchanging ideas among teachers.