Learning Analytics, Los Angeles, July 11-15th

On July 15th , I’m chairing a roundtable discussion on Learning Analytics at the Microsoft Worldwide Parnter Confernece in Los Angeles. I’ll be working with my good friend Chris Poole from lookred, and we’ll be focussing on:

  • Examples of how analytics can be used to drive effective learning and efficient operations at schooling system, municipality, state and national levels
  • Real examples of solutions making impacts in schools
  • How to use data, BI and management tools to improve quality and reduce costs
  • Engagement with education customers – how to focus on their challenges rather than just the technology
  • “Why BI in education”. BI is at the heart of not only modernising schooling but saving money in doing so
  • What does a data driven model of education look like to the key stakeholders

The context for the discussion will be:

  • The urgent need to modernise education
  • Growing pressure to ‘do more with less’ and be more accountable
  • The need to make informed decisions in the same way a business might do so
  • The need for tools to support greater productivity from teachers
  • Tools used to engage students

If you are a Microsoft partner attending WPC, you might find this roundtable worthwhile. I’m certainly looking forward to participating.

Chris and I will be available for the full week of 11th – 15th July to meet with people who are interested in this topic.

For WPC details go to: https://www.mseducommunity.com/Community/WPC/Pages/default.aspx

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