Learning Analytics Materials – WPC 2011

Here’s some useful materials relating to the Learning Analytics roundtable discussion that Chris Poole from ‘lookred’ and I ran at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Confernece in Los Angeles, 15th July 2011 – http://bit.ly/oLOGz1

  • Schooling at the Speed of Thought Chapter 6 MANAGING INFORMATION.pdf – covers all aspects of information and data managment in a schooling system
  • EAP.pdf  – Education Analytics Platform, an approach to managing information and data developed in the US
  • EAP Components.pptx – outline architecture for anlaytics systems
  • Student Individualized Growth Model and Assessment.pdf – an analytics approach to students at risk
  • Learning Analytics for TechReady.pptx – a voiced-over PowerPoint explaining the key principles of Learning Analytics.

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  1. Hello everyone
    Like Mike I enjoyed the conversation we had on Friday in LA. The whole area of education reform and ‘learning analytics’ is a huge area and in the time we had we could only scratch the surface of course. I have sent Mike some supporting material to share here from lookred’s perspective. As I mentioned we are keen to find partners in different parts of the world so please don’t hesitiate to make contact with me if you have any interest in what I had to say and our products.

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