The Joy of Books

Question – “what has 32,000 big smiles and makes as much noise as an aeroplane taking off”

Answer – “primary school children at the book fair in Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil”

Osasco Book Fare, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Thanks to my friends at Planeta Educacao, I was thrilled to be part of the launch of O Ensino à Velocidade do Pensamento – the Portuguese version of Schooling at the Speed of Thought – at the Osasco book fair recently. The day started with thousands of children descending on an open market for books. Each child was given a $BRL30 voucher (~$15USD) and, after being entertained by clowns, let loose to choose from thousands of books. The fair was organised just before the holidays, so every child in the school district had a book to read whilst on holidays.

The logistics were breath-taking – 4,000 children a day over 8 days. Coaches would pull up, then children would get into line, watch clowns perform, sing songs, then run off to see what they could find. This was followed-up with reading sessions. It was organised chaos, but wonderful evidence of the children’s strong desire to read and learn.

I stopped to find out what one boy had chosen – a book about dinosaurs. Jokingly, I offered him two copies of “O Ensino à Velocidade do Pensamento” for his dinosaur book – he politely declined my offer, and who can blame him.

The launch itself was great fun too. First a book signing session and impromptu talk with a group of teachers and the Secretary of Education for Osasco , Professora Marinalva de Oliveira

The main event included a demonstration of use of Kinect for learning at home by families…


… after that, came a short speech…


… and the event was completed with a panel discussion

From left to right – Andreia Julieta – Teaching Supervisor; Professora Marinalva de Oliveira – Secretary of Education of Osasco; Professora Maria de Lourdes Neves – Director of Education of Osasco; Elisete Baruel – Director of Education, Planeta Educação.

I’d like to sincerely thank my friends and colleagues at Planeta Educacao for making this possible – Luis Namura; Roberta Bento; Aline Tosini; Renata Martins Dias; Manoela da Costa and Elisete Baruel; and to Carmen Nigro for excellent interpretation.

Slides are here: O Ensino a Velocidade do Pensamento 

O Ensino à Velocidade do Pensamento is available from the Planeta Educacao store –


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Books”

  1. That was a great event. it was really priceless seeing all those children willing to read and learn from books they were getting from the fair. Congrats for you book too. it’s a quality and very inspiring book. A top-reading choice.

    Best Regards,
    Felipe Mileo

  2. Mike and all our team: tank’s for all your effort giving children a better opportunity to leverage their knowledge and teachers and principals the method to transform dreams in actions. Luis Namura

  3. Not only your book, but also your whole job is inspiring! Congratulations, Mike LLoyd! Congratulations Planeta Educação Team for the event as well!
    Andressa Costa

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