Leadership at The Speed of Thought

World coop lead

Thanks to World Coop Management and Regina Gingel for inviting us to present “Leadership at the Speed of Thought” at this sold-out event in Belo Horizonte – http://www.wcm.coop/

Key points of the presentation –

  • We are experiencing exponential change driven by technology
  • Machines are making better machines
  • Low skill jobs will be replaced by high skill jobs at an ever accelerated pace
  • What is Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and knowledge-work automation, and what does this mean for leadership?
  • How to exploit new technology, and ensure that you as leaders, and the people you lead, have the skills necessary to thrive in disruptive times.

Slides in English are here: Leadership at the Speed of Thought ENG Pub

Slides em Português está aqui: Liderança à Velocidade do Pensamento Web

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