“A.I. Demystified” and “How to Make a Mind?”

Its great to be based in a city so alert to the opportunities and threats posed by A.I. Since the middle of October, CLWB has been involved in a string of events in Bristol and Bath, delivering short and long workshops covering a full range of A.I. topics for audiences ranging from CTOs to primary school children.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to work with some truly amazing people and partners, and to have been engaged in two digital festivals – Bristol Digital City, and Bath Digital Festival.


As a prelude to Digital Bristol Week, we contributed to a panel called “Whose A.I. is it Anyway” at the Pervasive Media Studio, joined by data philosopher Charles Radclyffe, education technology entrepreneur Becky Sage, and chaired by Mel Rodrigues from the BBC. A vigorous and highly enjoyable debate covered future gazing, and ethics of A.I.

Whose AI is it anyway

Following that, we delivered “How to Make a Mind?” as part of the BBC’s School Report series at the Engine Shed. This included activities such as ranking the intelligence of animals, plants and objects; exploring how a Neural Network could be used to design a healthy pizza; and exploring bots to illustrate the Turing Test.

School Report copy

At the Bath Digital Festival, we ran two workshops – “A.I. Demystified”, and “How to Make a Mind?”.


Back at the Engine Shed, the full-day “A.I. Demystified” was sold out. Attendees had a wide range of backgrounds and industries:

  • Law
  • Electronics
  • Small business incubation
  • Signal processing
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Web media and web services
  • Public sector
  • Business consulting services

Subjects covered included ‘What is A.I.?’, Machine Learning, Managing Data, essential coding and maths, and Neural Networks.

Delegates received a Virtual Machine environment for use on their computers, and a fully illustrated 62-page book.

Feedback was fantastic – Quote – “I’ve learned to not be afraid of A.I., and I can now see how to start working with it”.

Following this, we ran both “A.I. Demystified” and “How to Make a Mind?” at TEDx Bristol


Next up – “How to Make a Mind?” with the BBC at BBC HQ in Salford; then ID/AI with CLWB partner, Ian Myles in Singapore on 17th November.


After that, Australia with CLWB partners – Compu.Ed, Perth, 20th and 21st November; Box Hill Institute, November 27th and 28th; Maven Partners – Melbourne 29th November, Sydney 30th November. Then back to Singapore for A.I. Demystified on 4th December.