Spotlight on Dominican Republic

Since the 80s the government of The Dominican Republic have focused on making education innovative and inclusive. One early example was RADECO (Radio-Assisted Community Basic Education project) which was established in 1982 and provided lessons in mathematics, reading, writing and science to children with limited access to schooling in the country.

Since then, developments in the Dominican Republic have sky-rocketed, evidenced by the hosting of Virtual Educa there in 2010 – an event regarded as one of the most important gatherings of Ed Tech people in the whole of Latin America.  

The Ministry of Education are currently Implementing Microsoft Lync enabling all teachers to connect with each other and to the Ministry. It was the second highest implementation of Lync in the world and an additional 4,000 teachers are expected to be connected this year.

INTEC University (Institute of Technology of Santo Domingo) are currently doing some innovative work with technology.  They have partnered with Penn State University to bring the first Hass Technical Education Center to Latin America.  This global network spreads best practices, training students in new technologies and equipment for engineers.  INTEC are a highly virtual campus, broadcasting interactive academic content.

Dominican Republic are also a part of GCREAS (Greater Caribbean Regional Engineering Accreditation System) which makes good use of e-learning to students wishing to study engineering.

Dominican Republic are leading the way in using ICT for greater inclusion – for an in-depth OECD report click here.