E-fashion and Wearables



From garments that display Twitter feeds, to biker jackets that show direction, to interactive jewelry, Fashion Houses around the world are scrambling to find ways to integrate technology in to the clothes we wear.

The CLWB E-Fashion module is about enabling children to experience the thrill of designing and making fashion items that incorporate technology, and to gain a practical understanding of what it would take to turn their creations into a business. This project is made up of the following parts –

  • Designing, making and programming skills
  • Making/production skills
  • Business skills
Science Technology Engineering Maths Business
Electronics Cutting Ideation Geometry Budgeting
Circuits Sewing Functional design Measuring Pricing
Conductivity Fabricating CAD Power consumption Presentation
Materials Conducive thread Templates Circuitry maths Selling
Strength Miniature ICBs Circuit design Quizzes Negotiating
Waterproofing Hand tools C Code Business maths Teamwork

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