Manufacturing and Recycling

Manufacturing is one of the most exciting areas in technology. From cradle to grave we are dependent on manufactured products to live in the modern world. In this module students learn how the manufactured world around them is produced. How do we end up with manufactured goods in the first place? How are so many of them so low-cost? How can we make products in a much more sustainable way? This module covers the following topics:

  • Teardown – understand how a consumer electronic product is designed and made
  • Designing for repair and reuse – Jugaad and Frugal design
  • Develop Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills
  • Making with machines, including 3d printing
  • Entrepreneur basics – design, market
Science Technology Engineering Maths
Plastics 3d Printing Teardown Business Maths
Metals CAD/CAM Product design Profit & Loss
Organic materials Subtractive methods Design for sustainability Quantitative analysis
Changing states Fabrication Make flatpack furniture Economies of scale
Pollution Joining Manufacturing processes CNC co-ordinates
Sustainability Moulding Production engineering Properties of materials

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