CLWB at “Building Skills” Athens 27 March, 2015

Athens 2015 1

Mike would like to thank the British Council and Microsoft for the invitation to present at “Building Skills” in Athens on Friday 27 March, 2015. Slides from the presentation are here:

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Here’s the main points –



  • Computers are only going to get more powerful … and will have an ever-bigger impact on jobs, skills, and the economy.
  • We are in the early throes of a Great Restructuring.
  • Our technologies are racing ahead but many of our skills and organizations are lagging behind.

Race Against The Machine – Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, October 2011 47% of today’s jobs could be automated in the next two decades. (Oxford University)

Innovative Thinking

  • Bridges the arts, science, technology & business in Circular Economy innovation
  • Visualization, development, and realization of ideas
  • Requires amplified creativity and intelligence

Amplifying Creativity

  • Ideation
  • Programming
  • Digital Making

Amplifying Intelligence

  • Mastering Data
  • Digital Leadership
  • Connecting Technologies

Innovative Schools

Schools need to be changed, to foster the creativity that humans will need to set them apart from computers. (Economist)

  • Curriculum
  • Internet of Learning Things
  • Innovation Studios