Spotlight on Chile

According to the World Bank, “of all the programs in middle income and developing countries that have sought to introduce ICT systematically into education, the Chilean experience  is perhaps the most lauded and studied”.

In 1992 the Ministry of Education created a program called “Enlaces” to introduce technology into public schools. 99% of the student population has access to IT at school, where on average there are 10 students per computer. More than 80% of teachers have been trained in using ICT to improve learning.

For an insight into the Chilean government’s ICT programs visit:

–       Enlaces program: “Enlaces” program official site with the entire description of the program activities, standards and resources

–  Official educational web portal for the school community school – teachers, students and parents.

–       Digital Resources Catalog: Web site were digital content and educational software is made available for schools, categorized by grade and subject 

–       Mobile Computers Labs project: 1 to 1 computer project based on mobile computer labs  

–       “I choose my PC” project: Project where selected students from 7th and 8th grade can choose a computer for their own use at home as recognition for their good grades.

(Thanks to Constanza Proto for this article)