Standing room only at CLWB Launch Event

Bakhita Event

There was standing room only for a display of three month’s of intense learning at the CLWB@Bahita event last week. Key items:

  • “Forca Zombie” (introduction to programming, and applied Maths)
  • Electrical Circuits – breadboards and basic components
  • E-Christmas card – conductive ink
  • E-Textiles – washable electronics
  • USB Robot
  • Makey Makey Orchestra – “Satisfaction” with cups of water!
  • Arduino Robot – sensors and motors
  • Raspberry Pi programming
  • Explorer project – applied maths, astronomy, and early navigation technology
  • Drone demo – how do drones work?
  • 3d Printing – Metamaquina opens up a world of learning
  • Eduardo Zancul, University of Sao Paulo – Keynote. Digital Making, maker spaces, impacts on new economics of manufacturing, skills needed to participate in this new world
  • The parent’s perspective – Learning value from children’s involvement in CLWB@Bakhita?

Thanks to the wonderful v-team – all of the CLWB children at Bakhita; Rafael Martins; Dani Ono; Marcio Pires; Paulo Silvestre; Eduardo Zancul; Felipe Sanches; Nivaldo and the team at Webcasters; and Carmen Nigro.

Watch the full video (1hr 50 mins) here:


  • See individual videos of what the children at Bakhita have learned here on the Learning Impacts section on this site.
  • Congratulations to Oliver, Louise and Jo at Cadoxton for posting their learnings from their Aeronautics project
  • Whilst its not a learning impact that CLWB can claim, we are proud that all of the children at Nelson Mandela School in San Luis  passed their Trinity English exams with great marks. One teacher even got 3 As. Congratulations!