Australian Technologies Curriculum – STEM Workshops

Australian Technologies Curriculum

Following the recent approval of the Australian Technologies Curriculum, CLWB with Intuyu Consulting and Cognitive Architecture ran a series of STEM workshops in Victoria and Queensland.

Based on the recent Leadership at the Speed of Thought program, Mike Lloyd gave a worldwide view of how technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ‘Internet of Things’ are disrupting the world of work, opening up new opportunities and threats, and the implications of these developments for education.


Participants were then guided through a mapping of the new Australian Curriculum to STEM activities, and shown where technologies and new pedagogies can make the most learning impact.

Following this, teams created one-year STEM plans for their schools.


A key component in STEM is multi-disciplinary projects, so teachers finished the workshop by designing, building and programming a Wearable solution using a CLWB Wearable kit. This gave them the opportunity to develop new skills and understanding – e.g. Programming, Design, Making and the science behind conductive thread.

We were delighted to bring an edited version of the workshop to the Cognitive Accelaration Conference, Australia –

Cog Accel

Mike would like to thank Adrian and Rachel at Intuyu; Tim Smith from Cognitive Architecture; Mt Alvernia College, Brisbane and Genazzano College, Melbourne, and all the participants at the workshops.

Junior Technology Curriculum

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CLWB now has a full Junior School Technology Curriculum designed for children aged 6 – 11. The course is designed for up to 1 hour a week, and covers a full spectrum of technology from Logic to Flight with a focus on STEM, sustainability, and technology in the world around us. The course includes assessment criteria and will run at Bakhita School Sao Paulo from January 2015.