Standing room only at CLWB Launch Event

There was standing room only for a display of three month’s of intense learning at the CLWB@Bahita event last week. Key items: “Forca Zombie” (introduction to programming, and applied Maths) Electrical Circuits – breadboards and basic components E-Christmas card – conductive ink E-Textiles – washable electronics USB Robot Makey Makey Orchestra – “Satisfaction” with cups of water! Arduino Robot – sensors and motors… Read More

Drones, Fruit Pianos and Internet of Learning-Things in San Luis, Argentina

Argentina is recognized by the World Bank as one of the top 10 countries with big education laptop projects to learn from, and San Luis – a province in the heart of Argentina – is leading the way. San Luis is home to one of the most impactful education technology initiatives in Latin America, and… Read More