CLWB welcomes new members


LEARNING IMPACTS – Cadoxton Primary, Wales, have been using the Aeronautics module.

CONNECTING WITH OTHER SCHOOLS – Today we had our first CLWB school link-up – between Schloss Neubeuern Germany, and Escola Bakhita Brazil.

NEW MEMBERS – CLWB welcomes Bryn Hafren Girls Secondary School, Wales to the community.

LAUNCH EVENT – We launch CLWB in Brazil on Wednesday 4th December, with the children showcasing their learning and a webcast which you can log into.



Cadoxton School, Wales, have been using the Aeronautics module (see the blog). The Aeronautics module starts in the stars (with ‘celestial navigation’), and journeys upwards through different forms of flight, and finishes back in the stars with an analysis of Deep Space technologies.


CLWB lit up today with a test link-up between Schloss Neubeuern, Germany, and Escola Bakhita, Brazil. Tomorrow, Cadoxton and San Luis Argentina will link-up too. Here’s some tips –

All CLWB members have a licence to use Lync, and this is a little bit better than Skype. Skype works reasonably well, but its an open, public system it tends to degrade after a few minutes. Lync between CLWB schools is on a private network, so it should work better. Here are the steps you need to take to use Lync:

  • When you log into the CLWB homepage, go to the “settings” symbol at the top right hand side between your username and the “?”
  • Click on Office 365 Settings
  • Click on “Software, Install and manage software”.
  • Click on Lync to install it
  • Log into Lync using your username and password. If you know other people’s CLWB addresses then you can add them to your list of Lync contacts, or just contact them if they are logged into CLWB too.

Setting up meetings with other schools is easy. For now, you can do this through me, but you can do it through Outlook by simply choosing the “Online Meeting” option or using the Lync Web Scheduler which you’ll find in the same place as where you installed Lync. Providing, of course that you know the name of who you are connecting to, you can send a meeting request or web-schedule this person directly. Your best bet is to give the person you want to talk to 3 options at different times and on different days, and let them choose the best options.


On Wednesday at Bakhita we are hosting 11 demonstrations by children aged between 8 and 13, covering learning experiences from e-textiles to drones. We may have to run the event outdoors due to the number of registered guests, and these include the press, top Brazilian schools and “industry heavyweights”. You will find an outline of the event here:

Log into the event online at 9.00PM UTC/GMT on December 4th – (just enter you name and preferred email address to gain access). The event will be mainly in Portuguese, but the demos are very visual and will speak for themselves.