Raspberry Pi 2.0 + Windows 10 = ?

The news that Raspberry Pi 2.0 will run a free-to-education version of Windows 10 has set Ed Tech social media channels ablaze. And justifiably so – this is undoubtedly a major milestone in the transition from education technology for productivity training to using technology as a platform for learning to be inventive, creative and entrepreneurial.… Read More

Standing room only at CLWB Launch Event

There was standing room only for a display of three month’s of intense learning at the CLWB@Bahita event last week. Key items: “Forca Zombie” (introduction to programming, and applied Maths) Electrical Circuits – breadboards and basic components E-Christmas card – conductive ink E-Textiles – washable electronics USB Robot Makey Makey Orchestra – “Satisfaction” with cups of water! Arduino Robot – sensors and motors… Read More

Internet of Learning-Things

Mass access to the Internet is a mere 20 years old and during this time Web Services have completely revolutionised how we interact – so how will the Internet transform us over the next 20 years? This article explains how technologies can be architected to allow learning to flourish in the emerging world of the… Read More