School Improvement Solution from Tribal

It can take a lot of work for an individual school to build development plans, but a new solution from Tribal could help get better results with less time and effort. “Inspirational Schools Partnership™” (ISP) is part software toolset and part collaborative network.

David Moran, from Tribal explains – “Quantifying the culture of an organisation to enable transformation is difficult for schools. The key to solving this problem is gathering and understanding the right qualitative and quantitative data. With ISP, school leaders get reports from qualitative review; quantitative analysis of achievement; and attainment estimates based on tried and tested models. This can then be used to identify where a school’s strengths and areas for development are.

Two key software components are:

ISP Intelligence™ used by staff to create a clear picture of individuals and groups of students.

ISP Navigator™ provides a collaborative environment for developing knowledge of where the school is now and where they aspire to get to.

Underpinnng the solution is Silverlight, Pivot and SQL.

ISP is currently being piloted the UK with a launch anticipated at the end of this summer, and with plans to take it to other countries soon after. 

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Thanks to David Moran and Larry Nelson